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Real Time ROLAP Setup in SSAS Enterprise Edition

If you need to access the underlying data in an SSAS measure group in Real Time with no latency (without any processing involved), proactive caching setting Real Time ROLAP has to be configured.  If you work on a typical Datawarehouse, … Continue reading

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How to check for Contiguous Dates

Let’s say we have an SCD 2 Dimension called Dimension.Store.  Lets assume the Business Key is BranchCode and the type II rows is versioned using RowStartDate & RowEndDate  columns. How do we verify if the dates are contiguous with no … Continue reading

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Chart Design Guidelines

I have been reading about Information Design recently. After having looked at a few charts which provide no useful data / misleading data, I searched if there are any set of standard guidelines for this. HICHERT+PARTNER is a company specialising in … Continue reading

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MDX Studio – Tool to Debug MDX

MDX Studio is a great tool developed by Mosha to help in tuning and debugging MDX. This is a Windows application which one can install in a PC / Windows Server. There is a cut-down version of the tool online … Continue reading

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SSAS Data Connection and Impersonation Info

When we create a datasource in SSAS, we need two types of connection information Data Connection: As the name goes, this information is used to connect to data source. This can be a standard User ID / Password combination (can … Continue reading

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Open Source Web Pivot Table Control – CellSetGrid Download

Recently We were working on an SSAS Cube which needed direct end user web access using Pivot Table like functionality. We used CellSetGrid – an open Source ASP .Net Web Control. I have downloaded this control some time ago from … Continue reading

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SSIS ETL Framework

  In my current job, we have a custom ETL framework to control the execution of SSIS packages. Some of the features of our ETL framework is as follows: a) Control the execution of packages using metadata tables We use … Continue reading

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